Welcome to Spoonful Passion! So glad you found our site.

I am the blogger and recipe maker behind Spoonful Passion. It all started as a Youtube channel but now we are also documenting the recipes on this website.

So who do I mean by ‘we’?

This is a project between my husband and I. He is the awesome cook (and eater) while I am the average baker. With his palate and my baking knowledge, we are able to test and create some of the original recipes here.

How about the passion?

I love creating just about anything, from DIY to arts and crafts, but baking obviously is my biggest interest. Like everyone else, I started as a home baker trying different recipes. So much fun in discovering, I almost never recreated the same thing. Then opportunities came where I took baking courses and worked as a baker assistant. Now I am here finding, testing even more, and sharing the recipes with a spoonful of passion. Ha! as cheesy as it may sound, it is true 🙂

I hope you find a recipe to try and perhaps create differently as you desire. As the kitchen is a creative space that is forgiving and limited only to our imagination. So have fun and create to your heart’s content.

Thanks so much for stopping by!